Fill My Head

by Runaround

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Artwork by Jonathan Carias & Jennifer Flores.

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Johnny Liu @ Catacomb Studios in Rowland Heights, CA.


released November 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Runaround Los Angeles, California

Fill My Head

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Track Name: Yearn
this knot lingers in my core and up my chest
I’m short of hope and short of breath
i lack desire and self respect
but i yearn for something else and something more
to feel some sense of care and home
to maybe feel some worth that i don’t deserve

I’m in decline

ill always be what I’ve never been
ill never fit right inside this skin
I’m falling under again
I’m chasing a shadow and retracing my footsteps
i lay here still
in what ill never be again

i don’t think that i belong here anymore
it echoes inside my head when my fingers stretch
I’m nothing i was before
but ill always scratch and pick at the skin i stitched
with stained hands i never rinsed
ill always wake up to wish i never did

i never did
Track Name: Moth
slide your fingers down my face
i was always so sure
that you would be okay
and you would stand up straight

don’t be so dull with me

you let your head go
color blind from your routine
you follow shallow footsteps
you will be what you believe

fall apart
even when you weren’t in place
your scent lingered on my clothes

your hands still shake
the face you fake
Track Name: Dewey
trace your thumbs around the circles in my eyes
color me in
I’ve been following your footsteps
but I’m lost and I’m reluctant

color me in
shade me how you want
trace your fingers down on my skin
your words won’t fade away
hold my hand and lead me down your way
i can’t, I’m screaming

my worth is letters and numbers
voice - shaky and somber
well maybe soon, i’ll find my way out
ill scratch and you’ll pull; i will never be you
you grip at my throat
insist help while you choke
i will never be good enough for you
Track Name: Fill My Head
the light that hits my window will never help me grow
I’m waiting
the space between our fingers will never be filled
I’m waiting for
something to fill this void
I’m patient still
but it will never come

fill my lungs and fill my head
rewrite the words I’ve always said
I’m holding your breath in
fill my lungs and fill my head
make me feel alive again

i can’t keep anything good
ill push you away just like you should
im waiting for something to fill this void
I’m patient still
but it will never come